English just for you !


Quality time at its best. The weekly meetings with Suzanne encourage and enrich me – professionally and personally. Always characterized by her very special sense of humor, Suzanne drives me to top performance, even in the evenings. I keep asking myself: how does she do it?


Kerstin Meyd, Head of Hamburg Administration



English with Suz was one of the best decisions of my life. At last, I feel at ease communicating in English.


Silvia Wanda, Personal Assistant



Suzanne’s English lessons are the best ever. She has an intoxicating way of teaching. Now, I speak and write more naturally, She has widened my horizon for the beauty of the language. Suzanne brings out the best in her   students.


Magdalena Glaesner, Paralegal, Trademark Assoc, Personal Asst



Welcome to speaking English wherever and whenever you wish! Suzanne takes away all your barriers, opens your mind, and makes English easy and fun.


Tobias Meibom, CFO



Suzanne’s lessons:  inspiring and enriching. Always first class.


Gerrit Hajek, Managing Director



Indubitably, brownnoser, I heard it through the grapevine...

words, expressions, idioms... and so much more for which I’ll be obliged forever to Suzanne. Our sessions are always a pleasure. Thank you for patience with the master of Pidgin English.


Wolfgang Behnken, Creative Director



Suzanne’s English lessons are always a true inspiration: she gives her students her all.


Marco Splettstösser, Investor Relations



Meetings and conferences with international clients require professional English. With her unique, personal and pleasant manner, Suzanne has brushed up my Business English and expanded my English horizon.


Christoph Hering, Head of Conception for Institutional Investments



Suzanne’s way is unique: none of that old fashioned teaching you know from school. She gives every student her individual input and creates a light, positive and fun atmosphere. You forget everything else in her lessons.


Saskia Nendza, Associate Funds and Asset Manager



For Suzanne:

Nobody does it better

Makes me feel sad for the rest

Nobody does it half as good as you

Baby, you’re the best.


Thorsten Wetzel, Tax Consultant

Lyrics: Carole Bayer Sager



English lessons with Suzanne have always been the highlight of my day. She teaches with passion and focus, and knows how to respond to her students’ needs. Even on a rough day, Suzanne had me leaving with a smile.


Janina Gerhus, Investor Relations



Suzanne is a wonderful teacher. Her ability to connect with her students and her talent for teaching are superior. She teaches with a lot of enthusiasm and always has a positive attitude. Working with her is a joy.


Karolina Kulcicki, Head of Marketing & Product Management / PR



Suzanne sees her job as a mission. She shares that passion with every one of her students in a most special way.


Pia Peters, Funds and Asset Assistant



In her most pleasant English lessons, Suzanne also acts as your coach: supporting you in difficult negotiations, preparing you for whatever challenges await you in your business world. The better your English, the more effective your work, the more successful your business. It really does pay off!


Susanne Hamacher-Schwerin, Funds and Asset Manager



Lessons with Suzanne are like sitting together with a good friend. Her big heart, her wonderful humor, and her fine knowledge of the language give her lessons a lightness that make you love learning English. I am so very thankful for all those many years.


Carolin Prohl, Photo Editorial Department

Best teacher ever !!!

Beyond all expectations

Loads of humor

Highly professional

Lots of empathy

She makes my day!

More than a teacher, she’s a companion.

My favorite meeting each and every week.

Don’t miss out !!!


Franziska Stuewe, Deputy Department Head of Paper Purchasing



Most of all, I appreciated being able to discuss my e-mail correspondence with Suzanne. Gradually, I felt myself improving my written English and becoming more self-confident in telephone conferences.


Cathleen Ziche, Funds and Asset Manager



Conversation at its best

Lessons with Suzanne are always exciting, entertaining and heartwarming. Her enthusiasm for the language is inspiring, her topics get everybody to talk, she even writes her own exercises. I really benefit from our lessons because they make me feel comfortable speaking English. Besides, Suzanne’s a good sport, and sometimes she just makes my day!


Silke Kienecker, Business Coach and Journalist



Suzanne can brush up even perfect English!


D. S., Funds and Asset Manager



At all times, top notch and straight to the point. I learned to say – politely but firmly – what I wanted instead of what I didn’t want. Best one-woman-show out on the language market.


Alexander Link, Funds and Asset Manager



Walks and Talks

Es gibt keine bessere Methode Englisch zu lernen. Spaziergänge an der Alster, dabei ernsthafte Diskussionen über das Thema, an dem man gerade arbeitet – Weltreligionen, Weltumseglungen, Weltentdeckungen –, Pausen auf einer Bank, kleine Ablenkungen durch Ruderer, Kinder oder küssende Pärchen, Suche nach dem passenden englischen Kommentar, Rückkehr zum eigentlichen Thema: Und die ganze Zeit schreibt Suzanne kleine Zettel voll mit den Vokabeln, die fehlen, den Fehlern, die unterlaufen, den Wendungen, die wichtig sind. Beim nächsten Spaziergang wird sie darauf zurückkommen. So lange bis die Wendungen da und die Fehler weg sind. Thanks for all the walks and talks. Good luck, Suzanne!


Peter Sandmeyer, Journalist



English lessons with Suzanne were refreshing and inspiring. Preparing presentations with her was just as close to the real thing as it gets. She always contributes new, very helpful ideas. I felt well prepared and self-confident. Thank you for all your great support.


Maria Hoffacker, Director of Environmental Management



There isn’t a topic we can’t discuss. Mostly, I love our talks about books, films, and music. Our lessons are so inspiring. Thank you, Suzanne! You have made me speak more naturally, with more self-confidence. Every time I’m abroad, I am proud of my progress.


E. S., Internist



Learning has seldom been so much fun. With Suzanne, conversation in English almost happens on its own. At the same time, you absorb vocabulary and grammar. And, she actually got me back to reading books in English again. Thanks for that! She is one of the best teachers ever.


Andrea Jordan, Speech Therapist



Thanks to Suzanne, I now feel much more at ease speaking English. Thanks so much, Suzanne, for all our happy, very personal lessons.


Andreas Lichtenstein, Creative Director



Studying English with Suzanne, you begin to appreciate the significance of language. You delve into the meaning of words and take a closer look at syntax and gist. Her lessons are a blend of conversation and language insight. All the while, you will enjoy the process. In fact, you’ll love it.


Volker Lensch, Photo Editoral Department



Her great humour, her open heart, her warmth and attention make me feel like I am talking to a friend – not a teacher. That really helps! She speaks German as perfectly as English. That is quite useful, too. She gives me back so much confidence. I find myself writing this, to my own surprise, in English! Suz, you are a brilliant teacher!


Norbert Eberlein, Screenwriter



just for you !